more about exact shooting

Our mission is to “Provide superior, accurate reloading equipment with “solutions” for the serious reloader, through innovative design,
ultra-precision machining and quality control that results in extremely accurate ammunition”.

what makes us different

Exact Shooting came about due to our absolute passion and drive for superior accuracy. This is the culmination of 35 years of extensive hunting and extremely accurate shooting experience, combined with 35 years of aerospace industry design and high accuracy machining practices.

Our reloading products look and function differently from conventional products. Exact Shooting will not pursue a potential product, unless we can offer the reloader a "better mouse trap”. We believe that we cannot make a contribution to the serious shooter by simply copying an existing product with no additional and substantial benefit offered to this end.

what makes us superior

Because our products look and function differently from the other available products, we can offer a superior end result. Our products alleviate the frustration and provide solutions that result in small groups on the target.

We begin all our products with sound, superior design principles and match this with our high precision manufacturing ability. This is backed up with strict in-house quality control procedures. Comprehensive batch CMM inspection reports for each item that goes into our products, is compiled by our quality assurance department in order to ensure repeatability and reliability of our products.

what motivates us

We experience immense pleasure from the manufacture of our products. We track down the last few microns with enthusiasm, all in the name of precision.

A great deal of our reward lies in getting the serious shooter to enjoy using our products and to reap the ultimate benefits of using them. We strive to assist our customers to "up their game" and to take their reloading and shooting to the next level, all the way to the podium.

We wish to thank our customers from all over the world for selecting our products. We not only take great pride in our products, but also in our satisfied local and international customer base.

EXACT Shooting | World Pioneers in everything we do!