Our Exact Sizing Die solution


Our Exact Sizing Die solution will be appreciated by the serious reloader who strives to load extremely accurate ammunition.
One of the secrets of “unlocking” your rifle to shoot to its full potential lies in the preparation of the brass.
The Exact Sizing Die is an Ultra Precision, Full Length Sizing, Necking Bush, Super Bench Rest quality die and is
taking reloading to the next level. The head space is micro adjustable on the Die Body itself.
When looking at and working with the Exact Sizing Die it resembles “instrumentation” rather than a "tool”,
that is used to “massage” a case to near perfection.

The following is included in one Exact Sizing Die System:

• Any caliber of your choice. • It is a full length sizing die that does not over crimp the diameter of a case. This is due to the fact that our extremely accurate machining capability enables us to bring the profile of your brass case within a few microns from the profile of your chamber.

• The head space is micro-adjustable on the Die Body itself, by dialing or “clicking” the Precision Adjustment Ring at 0.0005” or 12.7 micron intervals, to achieve the perfect head space setting, with ease and repeatability. • It is a neck bushing die with 0.0005”necking bush size option increments. We custom fit each bush to a specific Die Body to ensure excellent resized case concentricity.

• The neck sizing length is fully adjustable by virtue of an easy to use shim pack in 0.020” or 0.5 mm increments.

• Our unique Exact Golden Case provides for easy initial die set up. We manufacture a dummy case from brass and this is used to find the “zero” head space dimension of your fire formed case/s. Please click on the following link to see how easy it is to “Find your Perfect head space Setting”. The Exact Golden Case can also be used to check and validate your concentricity gauge.

• A removable Neck Rehabilitating Arbor that will assist in rectifying a damaged case neck. Our mandrel design eases the case mouth very gently towards the center and assures a concentric and a round neck. Should a case with a damaged neck be sized, the necking arbor will also ensure that the damaged neck will be pulled towards the center of the arbor and not the other way round, like a lot of other dies tend to do.

Our design is of such nature that our necking arbor will not over stretch the neck, nor will it scratch or damage the inside of the neck, with the aid of a little of your lubricant of choice. It is more a support action, than a sizing action.

We pair the maximum diameter of the necking arbor to the smallest necking bush diameter that you will be selecting according to your preferred neck tension and bullet grip. A removable de-capping pin forms part of the arbor assembly.

• A caliber specific Exact head space Gauge is included to measure the head space dimension of your fire formed case/s and also the head space dimension of the Exact Golden Case, during the die setup and head space adjustment procedure.

• Our unique Exact Process Isolation Tool 1 is included. It isolates the sizing process into two different stages. Stage 1 will form the case body and stage 2 will form the case neck.

• C-Spanner Wrench Tool 2 is included to assist with head space adjustment or the removal of the sleeve for cleaning and maintenance purposes.

• A Shim Extraction Tool 3 is used from the top, to remove any shims that might have remained in the Die Body, when changing necking bushes.

• The Bush Extraction Tool 4 is used to remove a necking bush from the Die Body, without having to remove the die from the press, which helps our bench rest shooters to save time.

• Two Torx Driver Inserts are supplied. The T10 driver insert is used to fasten the Press Lock Ring, as well as for servicing/checking the cap screw (M3) on the Process Isolation Tool 1 that holds the two legs in place. The T6 driver insert is for servicing/checking the two cup screws (M2) on the Process Isolation Tool 1 that hold the two actual spacers in place.

• All of the above is encased in a sturdy, elegant wood like enclosure and each element is housed in its individual form fitting foam cavity.

What Type of Press You Will Need

All Exact Sizing Dies are manufactured to a diameter of 1” (14 TPI). You will need a press that has the ability to unscrew the Die Body adapter. Normally, quality presses are fitted with a standard 7/8” (14 TPI) adaptor. It is as easy as unscrewing the 7/8” (14 TPI) adaptor and screwing in the 1” (14 TPI) replacement adaptor. This replacement adaptor can readily be purchased at any reputable arms retailer.

Conventional dies over work and over stretch the brass, which creates endless problems for the serious shooter. Our Exact “One Die Sizing System”, works very gently with the brass. We size the brass “just enough”, while supporting the brass at the correct/critical interfaces, to ensure extreme concentricity and perfect fitment into your chamber. Please see our video on perfect case fitment, by clicking on “Perfect head space Adjustment” and conduct the same test with your conventional die set up, to evaluate your current fitment status. If you find it difficult to get the same consistent “butter like” feeling on bolt closure with every case, you now know and have proof that your current die setup is not ideal and this will effect negatively on your target.


Our research indicated that certain problems arose whilst using conventional competition dies:

Full Length Sizing Die

The brass case diameter is completely over crimped. This creates problems for the accurate shooter such as, the case will be loose, or have a “rattle fit” in the chamber. The case cannot be supported by the chamber in the correct positions. There will be poor concentric alignment and the shooting result will not be satisfactory. One will also find that you are not in total control when setting up the die according to your chamber’s head space dimension. It is not easy (almost impossible) to set the head space to perfect bolt closure uniformly, which will lead to “flyers”.

Because the brass case is completely over crimped and over worked between the sizing process and the firing process, the case is taken past its plasticity boundary. This will result in short case life and case “clicking”, even with frequent annealing of the cases.

Necking Bush Die

The problem with continuous neck sizing only, is that the case tends to “grow” longer and this longer head space will eventually become a problem, resulting in difficult bolt closure or bolt opening. This will cause undue stress on the case shoulder and neck area that will negatively influence even neck tension and grip on the bullet that is crucial for accurate reloading and shooting.

It is close to impossible to achieve the much needed, critical small tolerances within mass production dies.  The lack thereof, will result in a case not being supported at the correct interfaces, while the sizing process takes place. This will also result in a case that is not concentric and will have a poor “run-out” reading on your concentricity gauge. All these negative aspects will ultimately cause large groups on the target!

Body Die

A body die is used to bump the shoulder back, without sizing the diameter of the case. It is thus used to adjust the head space measurement back to the desired size. You will now be confronted with the same frustrations as with the full length sizing die. Attempting to set the head space correctly for perfect bolt closure but you are once again, back to square one, sitting with an undesired group on the target.

In our research, we have found that body dies tend not to support the brass correctly just below the shoulder area. When sizing takes place, the brass gives way to an area least supported and this affects brass life, concentricity and case fitment in the chamber, negatively.


Solution & Development

The Exact Sizing Die design and development was based on solving all of the above mentioned problems in one sizing die and in one operation. Our die is manufactured from Stainless Steel 17-4 PH. This material is tough and has an extremely low expansion coefficient, which makes it very stable and ideal for this application between -18°C (0°F) and +60°C (140°F).

Our innovative, patented design and ultra-precision machining ensures ideal sizing of the brass in many ways. We are proud to state and claim that our dies are manufactured to extremely, almost unheard of, tight tolerances. We are absolutely fanatical about tracking and finding the last few microns during the manufacturing process of your die. The tolerances are held within 0.0005” (12.7 Micron), or even less, throughout the die. This will result in the correct sizing of the brass, without over sizing and over working the brass at all. In certain areas we only size as little as .000019” or .005 Micron. This is the reason why you will get perfect bolt closure every time. You will also have an excellent concentricity reading on your concentricity gauge, when testing your sized cases for concentricity and total run-out.

The Exact Sizing Die will never take your brass to the point of no return.  Our goal is to build the best die, with the best case sizing results - and we are proud to declare that we have achieved exactly what we were aiming for.

The Exact Sizing Die will address the following whilst sizing a brass case :

  • The roundness of the case will be enhanced.
  • The concentricity and total run out will be enhanced.
  • The correct support and alignment will be maintained.
  • Perfect fitment of the case to the chamber.
  • Absolute control over head space dimension by micro “click” adjustment of head space setting, integral led to the die.
  • Consistent, uniformly sized cases with the same perfect bolt closure feeling.
  • Absolute control over head space dimension by micro “click” adjustment of head space setting, integral led to the die.
  • Neck bush diameter increments in 0.0005” for neck tension selection.
  • Easy to use shim system to control neck-sizing length.
  • The Exact Sizing Die system is self-contained. The Exact System does not use the mechanical stops of a press when setting up the die, in other words it is not press specific.

    An Exact die and case holder combination used in one press will function absolutely the same if removed and placed into another press, without having to make any additional adjustments.

the Exact Sizing Die solution

Ultra Precision Collection

Exact Sizing Die (Ultra Precision collection)

o The Exact Sizing Die bought directly off the shelves of an Arms Retailer will be based on the CIP/SAAMI chamber measurements.

o If you are starting off a new caliber and you do not have a dedicated reamer print, or a conventional neck die to fire form cases, we will machine your die according to CIP/SAAMI dimensions. The difference between the minimum CIP/SAMMI reamer measurements and the maximum brass case measurements are in the order of 0.030 micron (0.00118”). Because we are able to machine to such extremely tight tolerances, we can bring your brass case dimensions to within 0.010 micron (0.00039”) of the CIP/SAAMI chamber. This will enable you to have good fitment and also achieve a good performance from your reloading process.

o Should you start off with the CIP/SAAMI option, you are welcome to send us your fire formed cases and we will then measure them and compare how they fit your chamber.

o The design of the die is of such a nature that the die chamber sleeve is removable. This will allow you to order a new sleeve at any time, should you wish to do so, in the future. This providing that we also have your Die Body in order to custom fit parts, for the desired super result required.

o You will need to specify your neck sizing bush sizes, according to your preferred neck tension. Each die system will have five bushes to complete the set, in increments of 0.0005” difference in diameter. It is your choice to order all five bushes to complete the set, or you may also order just one bush at a time, depending on your requirements.

o We customize your bush to your specific Die Body, in order to ensure excellent resized case concentricity.

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